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Cheryl Woodruff | Counseling in Marriage and Family Therapy

Welcome to this space I have created to help you make the decision to walk through a door that will change your life. By reading these pages, I want you to feel the sense of confidence and peace that I will strive for in every session with you.
You are considering therapy because something is causing you pain, sadness, depression or anxiety.

You are probably struggling with problems you don’t fully understand.

Perhaps you have destructive habits you want to change.

You might be in a relationship you want to end or change.

Maybe you are lonely and unfulfilled.

You could be dealing with trauma, death, stress, loss or deprivation.

Whatever the issues making you uncomfortable, I sincerely hope that in these pages you will get a sense of how I can help you feel better and become the person you want to be.

The hardest part of the therapy process is getting started, but once you take the first step, you will be on an adventure you don’t want to miss. Through talk therapy that is confidential except when your safety or the safety of others is at stake, I will help you understand yourself and identify your obstacles, so you can accept or change what is in your way.